Some club committees find that they have neither the time nor the manpower to take full advantage of the management software. Faced with increased financial pressures, complex legislation, red tape and reporting requirements the hard pressed committee can hand over as much of the day to day administrative burden as they wish to their own dedicated YDP book-keeper.

The club's dedicated book-keeper will visit the management committee to review the situation, will put weekly processes in motion and liaise with suppliers, regulatory authorities and the bank. The club completes weekly forms regarding income, petty cash and banking which are faxed and e-mailed to YDP. 

This system offers the club excellent control as the committeee receives detailed reports upon the following: 


Purchase Ledger - InvoicesSupplier -  Balances - Income & Expenditure

Bank reconciliations - Cash reconciliations - VAT accounts & HMRC returns

Cheques required lists - Cash level controls - issuing of cheques

Cash control systems - Creditor plan - Bank liaison

HMRC liaison - Marketing reports - Budgets - Payment to Revenue

The cost of this service is dependant upon the size of the club and the level of management required but can be incredibly cost effective when compared, with directly employing a bookkeeper.

Contact YDP to discuss your requirements or to be put in touch with a club near you which benefits from this service.

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